Contracts – Often the most cost effective means of keeping control of unwanted pests. Your pest management contract can cover one pest to several pests, and as many visits as required for each premises. It also gives you the peace of mind that you are complying with laws and legislation whether you are running a food business or not.


Reports – Treatment reports  are left with the client on each visit. Reports  include products used, where they were used and any recommendations.

Pest Control

Proofing against pests – NPS like to provide their clients with the best possible solutions to whatever problem there may be. We try to go the extra mile when it comes down to proofing properties against further problems and if we cant do it, then we probably know someone who can.

Fly Control –  The NPS Fly string. We are agents in Andalucia for the amazing FLY STRING. Please see the link at the home page. 

Rodent Pest Control – We work  diligently to adhere to  environmental considerations, using the finest and most advanced product technology available to ensure that our clients can say goodbye to their problem, quickly ,efficiently and humanely,meaning our clients will benefit from our  treatment and post-treatment operation, making sure all work undertaken has been done in an responsible manner in controlling rodent infestations.

Insect Pest Control – Our insect control and how we administer each control is dependant on the type of insect that has to be tackled. Again we work strictly within environmental considerations, covering a wide range of insects.

Insect Identification – Should we not be able to identify an insect we can quickly give our client the identification, biology and control methods required using the resources of our registered suppliers in Madrid and Barcelona.

Rodent Sticky Board Installation – There may be occasions where the use of boards may be beneficial. There are strict guidelines to their use. Most treatments are carried out outside of normal working hours.


Environment – We are committed to playing our part on reducing the impact of our activities on our environment. We have  a Toxic Waste collection contract with a Junta de Andalucia registered company where all general materials,bottles and containers are disposed of in a controlled facility.The company ECONATURA  Reg.AN-0094 is our preferred partner for this facility. Our contract with ECONATURA is available on request to any client that requires to see it.

Our Technicians:

  • Have been fully trained to use all pesticides required for our pest services.
  • Are aware of our environmental policy, and work towards protecting our environment to their fullest ability.
  • Have been made aware of our Health and Safety policy and are aware of all legislations covering the pest control industry.