Rat infestations are a problem because rats carry so many .

Every job is different, but rest assured, NPS will try their utmost to bring solutions.  Rats are also responsible for many of our call outs.  These are invariably of the palm tree variety that usually make their home in the crown of the tree and then forages for berries in the immediate area.  The Palm tree beetle in recent years, has destroyed over 2000 palm trees on the Costa del Sol with the resultant loss of homes for the rats.  This has meant that many of the calls that we receive are from people who are experiencing opportunist rats entering and living in their kitchens and garages.

Altogether, not very pleasant.  The urine and faeces left by the rats can be highly dangerous to humans and a major health hazard. We will endeavour to find out how vermin are getting into your property and although we are not builders, if we can facilitate repairs, we will. If we can´t, then you will have a comprehensive report  of what needs to be done to stop the problem.

Rat problem?

If you think you’ve got a rat problem, take a look outside your house because you’ll often see their burrow entrance points outside where they’ll be running around at night.Along walls,around the edge of the swimming pool and up palm trees are favourite places

How to deal with a rat infestation

The best way to deal with rats is by poisoning, which we don’t recommend that you try yourself due to the risk of contamination and unintentional poisoning. The latest second generation poisons work efficiently and quickly ,ensuring that the animal doesn’t suffer.We use secure ,lockable bait boxes that are animal and child proof…..unless your child is prone to carrying a hammer, and a desperate determination to see what’s inside !!

Poison should be placed down the burrows and then sealed back up. After a while, if the burrow stops being re-opened, you know that the rat problem has been taken care of.

If you think they are getting into your house, you need to look for broken air bricks, large gaps underneath doors, around door frames. If you’ve got a basement, check it because it’s often an area that is quiet, undisturbed, and that’s where you’ll often find rats enjoying your hospitality.

Rats are a pest that in a domestic or commercial environment need to be controlled to comply with the law. Their presence will also be off-putting to customers, and rats living in a closed area have a distinctive smell that can only be described as highly unpleasant.

If you discover rats on your premises, avoid touching rat droppings or areas that may be contaminated and call for our specialist assistance. Our pest control experts know where to look for rats and how to ensure that traps and bait are safe from inquisitive children and pets.


  • Rats can go longer without water than a camel
  • Rats have strong ever-growing incisor teeth that allow them to chew through wood, wire, aluminium, concrete and lead.
  • Rats are very curious creatures,but would rather run away than confront a potential threat.
  • Rats have a strong social hierarchy. The biggest and strongest rats will get the best food and harbourage.
  • Rats have excellent memories. Once they learn a navigation route, they never forget it.
  • A rat produces between 20 to 50 droppings a day
  • Unlike mice, rats don’t actually like to be in your house.